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Rajasthan is one of the poverty prominent states, representing worst condition of the poor and weaker section. Poor are even unable to fulfill their basic necessities of life and are caught in the vicious circle of poverty from decades which has enlisted this state among one of the BIMARU states, define as worst position of poor where poverty prominently cause discourse. Impact of globalization and liberalization has added on to worsen the condition of the poor in the state.

Immense efforts have been done since independence, by the government and non government sector to uplift the poorest of the poor in the rural areas and initiate action to uplift their social and economic development. Although over last two decades there has been a considerable decline in the incidence of rural poverty, however, a large number of people continue to live below poverty line. Hence to promote a spirit of co-operation and coordination in order to address issues affecting the life of poor and marginalized, Rajmeru as a collective forum of seven NGOs of Rajasthan came into being.

RAJMERU which is the combination of two Hindi words - Raj (Sand) and Meru (Mountain), as a viable platform for discussion, sharing of information and experiences in consent to facilitate a process of democratic planning and decision making is dedicated to enable people to ultimately become the owners of all development efforts. Rajmeru with an aim to form an egalitarian and just society will stand forward to discuss, negotiate and advocate at various levels on issues of common interest.